Our Roots

GroundTruth Exploration has rapidly evolved since our inception in May 2010. Our roots were established through our predecessor RyanWood Exploration. Starting in the early 2000s, we learned to master the fundamentals of careful planning and execution of soil sampling and staking programs on a tight budget. We have always known that the fine line between success and failure in exploration depends on paying close attention to every last detail to ensure quality data collection, logistical efficiency and employee training and safety. Our track record for quality and efficient exploration is the result of this progression that has been earned over many hard fought years.


On behalf of its clients, GroundTruth team organized one of the most extensive claim staking campaigns in the history of the Territory. The staking programs at this scale required great agility to execute on short notice, and a mastery of remote Yukon logistics in all seasons. Between 2010-2014, we staked in excess of 36,000 claims (80% of this total in 2010-2011). This effort required approximately 3,000 man days of field work to execute, through which we maintained a strong safety record.

Soil Sampling

The GroundTruth team has established C-Horizon Soil Sampling as the most effective tool for delineating deposit potential in the Yukon. The proof lies in the fact that recent discoveries such as the White Gold Deposit (Kinross Gold Corp.) and Coffee Gold Deposits (Kaminak Gold Corp.) have been found using soil samples collected by the GroundTruth team as the prime targeting tool.

To be effective, every element of the sampling operation must be meticulously planned, executed and monitored. This is an art that we have mastered through years of progression and successfully scaled out onto the largest sampling programs on the planet. We have standardized every element of the sampling program, from barcode scanned sample ID tags, to georeferenced photos of every sample and sample site, right down to pre made frozen meals to eliminate the need for a cook.

Between 2010-2014, GroundTruth Exploration has collected a total of 372,000 soil samples for its clients in remote locations across the Yukon. This effort required the >13,000 man days of sampling traverses. In 2011 alone, GroundTruth collected 172,000 soil samples. This equals 8,600 km of traverses with samples at 50m spacing – nearly the distance across Canada and back again at 50m spacing in one season.


This unique experience base of extreme efficiency, attention to detail and ability to scale out as necessary has provided us the opportunity to identify and master new survey techniques at the same world class standards we have established for our soil program.