Research & Development

GroundTruth Exploration is continuously looking for better ways to find, test and define targets. It does this through a dedicated and robust practice of research and development, resulting in numerous technical advancements and new survey methods to benefit the industry. We run thorough test case studies to ensure reliability of survey equipment, methods and results. Significant developments brought to the industry by GroundTruth for contract work include:

  • August 2012 – High Resolution DC Resistivity/IP surveys brought to mineral exploration industry from environmental sector as a viable method to detect near surface mineralized structures under soil anomalies.
  • April 2013 – First Commercial Operators of UAV drone surveys in Yukon Territory
  • June 2013 – GT probe brought into service as a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly replacement to traditional heli-portable excavator trenching.
  • August 2014 – GT RAB Drill brought online as efficient method to drill exploration targets to 100m depth at ¼ the expense of traditional diamond drilling. Notably, GT RAB does not require water or drill pad and can operate in winter.