Safety & Training

At GroundTruth Exploration we hold workplace safety and training at the highest level of importance. We have a proactive and robust health and safety program, and are currently in the process of working towards obtaining our full COR certification. This ensures a culture of safety is nurtured within all ranks of the company. This guarantees all occupational health and safety issues are either predicted and avoided, or are analyzed for root causes so procedures can be developed to eliminate or mitigate future risk.

All employees at GroundTruth Exploration play a key role in preventing work-related injuries, just as GroundTruth plays a key role in ensuring safety precautions and training are in place and up to date. All employees have the right to refuse work they feel is unsafe for them, and are encouraged to be part of the team that updates or develops a safe work procedure for the benefit of all employees.

Our in-house training program is regulated using the Digital Action Tracking System (DATS), which ensures each employee completes the theoretical portion of training, before receiving the in-field training portion of the program. This ensures each new and returning employee is familiar with all aspects of their described job, as well as all the possible hazards that are related to completing their specific jobs/tasks.

GroundTruth Exploration ensures the following training is completed by each employee prior to beginning the season

  • PPE and safety gear
  • Chainsaw training
  • First Aid course (Wilderness first aid)
  • Helicopter training and safety practices
  • Truck and trailer safety (Loading and hauling heavy equipment)
  • Health and sanitation best practices (remote camp)
  • Dangerous goods transportation (Spill management plan)
  • Camp Safety (Emergency Response Plans, Daily Safety Meetings etc.)
  • Bear Aware Training

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding training and safety practices by GroundTruth Exploration, please do not hesitate to contact us.