Probe Drilling

GT Probe Bedrock Interface Sampling

GroundTruth’s Exclusive GT Probe is a powerful direct push probe mounted on a rubber tracked platform. The rod is quickly driven to bedrock interface, rock & soil sample is extracted and XRF analyzed on site to detect anomalies in real time. For more information go to


Extremely Cost Efficient

  • Outperforms traditional trenching: more than 2:1 in production (175m/day)
  • No return trip for sampling, no return trip for reclamation
  • End cost is 1/3 of traditional heliportable trenching



Low Environmental Impact

The tracked GT Probe maneuvers around obstacles, Low ground pressure rubber tracks leave moss intact with low ground disturbance.

The GT Probe is a remotely controlled tracked platform with a hydraulically operated bedrock interface sampler mounted on a tilting mast. The GT Probe has 10645 cm² (1650 inches²) of track coverage with less than 1.5 psi ground pressure allowing it to be extremely versatile and low impact in the field. The entire unit is powered by a gasoline engine and is completely hydraulically operated. Samples are collected at 5m intervals in grid formation reaching depths between 2 and 4m, capturing the bedrock interface. 35 samples with weights averaging 8000gr/m are collected daily and analyzed by our onsite XRF technician. Each sample location is surveyed by DGPS. Daily data collected is sent nightly via satellite internet to our main headquarters and then available for the client the following day.


Technical Specifications

  • Length: 2.5m (96″)
  • Width: 1.25m (50″)
  • Height: 1.20m (48″)
  • Weight: 1110 kg (2450 lbs)
  • Down Force: 8165 kg (18,000lbs)
  • Track Surface Area: 10 645 cm²
  • Less than 1.5 psi ground pressure
  • Wireless Remote Driving Capability
  • 2 sling loads with Astar Helicopter

Sample Tube Specifications

  • Inside Diameter: 76mm
  • Outside Diameter: 88.8mm
  • Length: 100cm


  • Lead GT Probe Operator
  • XRF Sampling Technician
  • Line Cutter / Sampling Assistant


Bedrock Interface sampling over IP/Resistivity structural targets

The track mounted GT Probe is designed to drive a cased hole to the bedrock interface and collect a representative rock sample to test for mineralization. Structurally defined targets can quickly be crossed with lines of GT Probe samples at a defined spacing, typically 5m. The track mounted platform is agile and designed to work in challenging terrain.



Tactical Exploration

  • Extremely Portable
  • Covers significantly more distance per day than
  • Environmentally friendly: No reclamation required
  • Safe operation: operated by wireless remote control
  • Crew camps on site when possible to reduce heli cost

Low Impact and Highly Mobile

  • Low ground pressure track system makes virtually no disturbance
  • The GT Probe can easily maneuver around trees, greatly reducing the need for cutting
  • The GT Probe is very agile, and can be safely operated on slopes up to 45°, using a winch for stabilization


Intelligent Sampling: Geoprobe + XRF

A continuous sample can be extracted from surface to bedrock interface. By analyzing sample with handheld XRF at multiple depths, the GT Probe team can instantly determine if they are sampling over mineralization (i.e. anomalous at bottom of hole), or sampling over dispersion train (anomalous mid depth). The GT Probe team is able to adjust their lines to actively vector to mineralization as they sample.

Heliportable Excavator Trenching

Continuous exposure of mineralized rock using light equipment.

Helicopter transportable backhoe trenching is an effective method to test for mineralization in weathered bedrock. Significant Yukon discoveries such as White Gold and Coffee deposits were made with trenching using our hoes. The gear is proven, many kilometers of trench have been excavated to evaluate soil anomalies. We now recommend selective trenching as a followup survey to IP/Resistivity and Geoprobe to expose known mineralization, rather than general transection of soil anomalies; becoming a surgical exploration tool with reduced impact.



  • Creates excellent exposure for mapping
  • Continuous profile is exposed
  • Helicopter portable in one Astar slingload
  • Works in steep/challenging terrain
  • Zones of specific interest can be exposed more extensively to detailed mapping.

Data Collection

  • Groundtruth provides experienced technicians to collect, record and GPS survey trench samples.
  • Samples are typically collected at 5m composite rock chip samples.
  • Sample location/description is digitally entered on handheld at site. Sample ID is barcode scanned.
  • All samples are photographed.
  • Trenches are surveyed with differential GPS.
  • Data is dowloaded and emailed to HQ nightly.
  • GT provides professional mapping service for plotting trenches and results.