Geophysical & Aerial Surveys

High Resolution DC Resistivity & IP

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Induced Polarization and DC Resistivity survey is a proven tool that offers high resolution definition of key deposit scale geological units, faults, alteration, and ore bodies. These advanced capabilities come at a low cost in terms of both operational fees and environmental impact. Up to 830m of line can be surveyed a day with a leave-no-trace camp policy and minimal line cutting. The purpose of the survey is to define the vertical structure and horizontal extent of mineralized zones indicated in previous soil, trench and drilling anomalies that ensures an efficient field program and healthy ecosystem.



  • Mineral Exploration
  • Geological units
  • Alteration
  • Faults
  • Apparent Dip of geological units and faults
  • Drill Targeting
  • Placer Mining
  • Bedrock Profile – paleochannel location
  • Distinguishes gravel, sand, permafrost, clay layers
  • Permafrost Studies
  • Groundwater Investigations
  • Fuel Spill Plume Assessment
  • Civil Engineering
  • Glaciology
  • Archaeology


  • AGI SuperSting R8
  • Rapid 8 Channel data collection
  • Unlimited Traverse Length
  • Roll-Along capabilities
    • Up to 5m Electrode Spacing
    • 0.5m to 2.5m Resolution
    • High signal-to-noise ratio
    • Unlimited Array Configurations
    • Dipole-Dipole
    • Schlumberger Inverse
    • Pole-Dipole
    • Wenner
    • User Defined


  • 84 electrode setup operated by a crew of 5
  • Equipment and crew can be moved to remote locations in two helicopter loads.
  • Minimal line cutting required, less than 0.5m wide
  • Traverse surveyed for terrain correction


  • Up to 835m of line read per survey day
  • 84 electrodes @ 5m spacing: 415m length, up to 90m vertical, 2.5m resolution
  • 168 electrodes @ 5m spacing: 835m length, up to 140m vertical, 2.5m resolution


UAV Drone Imagery/Topography

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Our aerial drone surveys provide current project scale imagery at a resolution and cost that was previously unobtainable. GroundTruth Exploration was an early adopter of this technology, with some of the most experienced drone operators in the North.

Our surveys produce Ultra High Resolution Imagery and Digital Elevation Models which are invaluable tools for exploration planning, data analysis and presentation. Acquiring high resolution imagery and DEMs at an early stage of your project results in an effective and efficient exploration program.


Deployment Advantages

  • Lightweight: 600g, 80cm wingspan
  • Portable: Easily transported to site
  • Quick setup: ready to fly in 5 minutes
  • Robust: tolerates moderate wind/rain
  • Autonomous flight monitored from base
  • Up to 10 flights daily can be recorded


  • High-res Imagery: Up to 4cm Ground Resolution
  • Quick Turn-around: Results available within 10 days.
  • Georeferenced: Imagery accurate to 5 cm
  • Custom Tailored: Results delivered in the file formats


  • Assess geomorphology and ground cover
  • Survey planning and access
  • Outcrop location
  • Detection of subtle topographic features
  • Detailed slope assessment
  • 3D volumetric calculations
  • Up to date imagery: trenches, drill-pads & cut-lines can be included in imagery



Fully Integrated Project Planning

Data collected from our aerial drone surveys integrates perfectly with the results from all of our survey programs, giving you detailed and valuable insight into your project. Map results from soil, drill, or geophysical surveys directly over the 3D imagery produced by our aerial surveys.

Efficient and Accurate Measurements

Our imagery allows for highly accurate distance, area, and volume calculations. In a comparative study of gravel stockpiles, our drone survey produced, in less time and at a fraction of the cost, results with an average variation of 1.5% when compared to traditional stockpile survey methods.


Deliverables to Suit Your Needs:

With a huge array of file formats available, we tailor your results to suit your individual needs.

All survey result packages include:

  • Ortho Aerial Image
  • Digital Elevation Model
  • Topographic Contours
  • Google Earth Tiles
  • 3D Point Cloud
  • Video Fly-through
  • Quality Report


Rock Property Measurement Lab

Ground Magnetic Survey

GroundTruth provides Magnetic Ground Surveys with experienced operators using the GEM Systems GSM 19 Proton Magnetometer. The survey is easily conducted during soil gridding or IP/Resistivity survey for more complete structural evaluation of the target.

Magnetometer Specifications:

GSM -19 Walk (with GPS) and Base Station

  • Range 20,000-120,000 nT
  • Sensitivity: 0.05 nT
  • Operates on ‘Walk Mag’ mode for continuous sampling up to 2 readings/second.
  • Can be operated year round.

Data Management

  • Data is monitored continuously by operator during collection.
  • Operator downloads and QC’s data nightly.
  • Data is emailed to HQ daily.
  • GroundTruth can provide daily professional quality control monitoring through a consulting Geophysicist if requested by client.

GroundTruth can produce regular update plots and final map products if requested


Ground Penetrating Radar

GroundTruth Exploration provides Ultra GPR surveys which use high-powered transmitters and realtime sampling receivers to capture the deepest images possible of the subsurface. Whilst the laws of physics limit the maximum practical depth of radar imaging in specific geology, UltraGPR provides significantly deeper penetration than consumer-grade systems. At a total weight of less than 4 kg, UltraGPR is highly transportable and easy to deploy in the most challenging terrain and environments. The entire GPR is designed to be enclosed within two small cylinders. No control unit, laptop and no fibre optics are used.